Unified Communication/PBX

Unified Communication (UC)


Unified Communication (UC) combines services such as presence, telephony, and messaging into a single product solution with the aim of improving business communication processes.

UC logically blends previously separate services and features, making communication possible by any means, using any device.

Voipswitch’s Unified Communication enables providers to offer a hosted business communication solution. Enterprises, instead of maintaining costly on-premises PBXes, can now enroll to a service in the cloud – Unified Communication as a Service (UCaaS).

Voipswitch’s UC platform is a collection of elements that include:

  • Essential enterprise telephony (ET) features

  • Converged charging and billing

  • Mobility through its ET softphones with Rich Communication Features

  • User self-care UC Portal and enterprise account management and provisioning Portal

  • Web API for connecting external systems

UCaaS can be offered by a provider both as a retail service and as a wholesale ‘white label’ service to maximize market accessibility through reseller channels.

The UC platform utilizes VoipSwitch’s billing with all its flexibility. Enterprise accounts can be charged on a subscription/package basis, per time or by a combination of both.




Main Features


  • Multitenant architecture, one platform can be home for many enterprise domain accounts, each with their own accounts and extensions

  • Multi-Level IVR Auto Attendants

  • Extensions and usernames unique within an enterprise domain

  • Support for multilevel branches/departments

  • Multiple extensions per user account (different purpose numbers)

  • SIP trunk support

Essential telephony/PBX features:
  • Auto Attendants

  • Scheduled routing with time spans

  • Ring Groups and Queuing

  • Find me, follow me

  • Conditional Call Forwarding (e.g. per CallerID) with personalized greetings per forwarding rule

  • Call Transfer – blind and attended, music on hold, Call parking

  • Do Not Disturb, also per Caller ID

  • Calls recording

Voicemail Features:
  • Individual user voicemail boxes

  • Voicemail to e-mail (MP3 file)

  • Voicemail notification through SMS or PUSH

  • Message Waiting Indicator

  • Personalized greetings per Caller ID

Shared Network Address Book:
  • Corporate Directory

  • Shared Address Book stored in the cloud

  • Private lists (not visible by others)

Presence and Instant Messaging:
  • Presence server

  • Chat and Group Chat

  • Multimedia file sharing

Other options:
  • Greetings management

  • DIDs, integration with API of major DID providers allowing for real time DID ordering

  • 911 support

  • Provisioning for SIP devices


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