We offer the complete spectrum of SI services from Equipment Rental, Installation, Setup and Standby services. We also offer the pre-implementation consultation for ICT infrastructure design and also post-implementation maintenance and services. Our services is supported by strong internally developed helpdesk system ( mySepadu CONCERNS eHelpdesk).

Computer Systems Support & Integrator Services

  • PC rental, installation, setup and standby services
  • PC Maintenance (Preventive/ On call)
  • Operating system, setup and maintenance services (Microfost, UNIX & Linux)
  • Database Systems, installation, setup and maintenance services (Ms SQL & MySQL)
  • Server Hosting
  • Contents Management Systems (CMS Made Simple)
  • Database Replication Services
  • Public Key Infrastructure (PKI - eVaults)

Network Computer Security Design, Implementation & Support Services

  • Physical Network Design & Network Cabling
  • VLAN Network Design Using Switches (Extreme, Cisco, 3COM etc)
  • Router Setup (Cisco, 3Com, etc)
  • Network Server Installation & Setup
  • Web Server
  • eMail Server
  • DHCP Server
  • Active Directory/ LDAP Server
  • Enterprise Security TrendMicro Enterprise Solution
  • Firewall Setup (Fortigate, Clavister)
  • DMZ Setup
  • VPN Setup
  • Database Replication Setup : MSSQL, MYSQL


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