Our consultants specialize in the area as listed below :

  • Project Management according to Project Management Institute- PMI PMBOK ®, our consultant is PMP Certified
  • Testing and Quality Assurance using Six Sigma, we will provide the Sig Sigma Black Belt consultant. Our Software QA partner is the Indian - Great Deccan Software Inc.
  • Software Development and Design using Rapid Prototyping Technique. Our partneris the Indian - Great Deccan Software Inc.
  • Web Design and Contents Management Systems using Open Source Solution - CMS Made simple
  • eLearning Contents Development and Implementation using Open Source Solution - A tutor
  • SCALA Digital Signage Design and Implementation
  • Financial (Cooperatives Institution and Microcredits) related systems implementation.
  • Integrated Resource Management Systems Design and Implementation- Integrating Staff Management and Monitoring to Time Attendance, Desktop/Endpoint Management, Facility Management and Helpdesk. ( CONCERNS)
  • Medical Systems (from GP Clinic up to Hospital) Design and Implementation ( MEDISYS).
  • Enterprise Networking Design and Implementation
  • RFID Solution Design and Implementation - Partnering with Senstech Sdn Bhd
  • ICT Security Design and Implementation solution such as :
  • Firewall Protection using Amaranten appliance
  • Protection from Gateway to End Point using Trend Micro Security Suite
  • PKI and Certificate Management Systems using solution by eVault Technologies Sdn. Bhd.
  • Network Security Solution - CISCO Network Access Control (NAC), CISCO Authentication, Authorization and Accounting (AAA) Services, Cisco Security Manager and the Cisco Security Monitoring, Analysis, and Response System (MARS).

Learn IT fast, MySepadu way! - The FastTrack Program

FastTrack Programing (P) Series:Helping to make you and your team reach your system development goals. Successful development, maintainance and use of IT solution is one of the deciding factors in measuring the achievement of any firm or department that involve in IT works and it's functions. A team with good knowledge of programming language is one of the vital factors in order to make such achievement a reality. For that, a skillful and knowledgeble programer is a valuable aset in the IT industry. Under this FastTrack 'P' series, we have collection of programing course titles, to facilitate you or your team to accomplish an improvement in skills and how-to in the area of programing. Every courses will be trained by well experienced instructors whom already have vast experience in the industry.


FastTrack Programing (P) Series:

  • P104 ASP.Net Web programming : Accessing Database & Other Application
  • P201 VB/VB.Net Database Programming
  • P202 JAVA Database Programming
  • P205 Scripting Languages & JavaScript
  • P207 PHP/MYSQL Programming
  • P301 Developing Windows Based Application with Microsoft VB6 or VB.NET
  • P302 Developing XML Web Services & Server Components with Microsoft VB.NET/PHP
  • P303 Analyzing Requirements
  • P304 Designing & Implementing Databases with Microsoft SQL Server
  • P305 FastTrack to Software Project Management
  • P306 JasperSoft - Opensoft Business Intelligence

FastTrack Technical (T) Series:

  • T100 PC Basic Servicing and Repair
  • T200 Linux LPI 101
  • T201 Linux LPI 102
  • T202 LINUX+ Exam Preparatory
  • T700 CISCO Router Installation & Setup
  • T701 Mastering SUSE Professional 9.2

FastTrack Graphic (G) Series:

  • G101 Adobe PageMaker (Basic)
  • G102 Adobe Photoshop (Basic)
  • G103 Adobe Illustrator (Basic)
  • G205 Multimedia Authoring - SCALA Info Channel
  • G206 Web Design (3 in 1) - Dreamweaver MX, Flash MX & Adobe Photoshop
  • G207 Flash MX (Basic)
  • G208 Web Contents Management Using CMS Made Simple


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