Card Access

Compact system

A standalone solution where all of the control electronics are in the keypad or reader. Compact systems are an easy to administer and cost-effective means of controlling access to a building. However, as the control electronics are all housed in the reader or keypad this type of system is not recommended for exterior or high security interior doors. Compact systems are available in a choice of TOUCHLOCK keypads, PROXIMITY readers or CARDLOCK (magstripe) readers


PC based systems
We manufacture Net2, an advanced PC based access control solution that will give you control over who has access to your building. With Net2 you can control access on hundreds of doors for up to 50,000 users. Our software allows you to manage this in a logical and intuitive way



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The products we manufacture are payoffs of extensive research and development. What transpired are reliable and top-notch quality devices in the likes of our prided EntryPass Platform 1 and Serial Communicators, to Active Networks and Elevator & Hybrid Control Panels – All of which are being utilized by our existing list of clientele. Careful to maintain a non rigid approach, our clients are able to mix and match different products to satisfy their circumstances and settings, creating a personalized system - minus the trouble. 




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Bosch power tool attachments give you the power to create complete tool systems and enhance the versatility of the Bosch power tools you already own.



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